From the art-drenched streets of Chicago to the world’s most prestigious galleries, David Holland has been painting the world with his imagination, one brushstroke at a time. Born on March 25th, 1985, into a modest home adorned with art and emotion, David's journey to becoming a globally recognized visual artist was as colorful as one of his masterpieces.

A towering figure at 6'1", with wavy, dark brown hair cascading to his shoulders and piercing green eyes that seem to capture the universe's very essence, David's appearance is as unforgettable as his work. His attire, always a harmonious blend of bohemian and classic, is reminiscent of an artist from a bygone era, while his ever-present scarf, irrespective of the season, has become his signature.

Though he commands attention with his presence, David is a deeply introspective soul. This introspection, combined with his passionate drive and dedication, is evident in every piece he creates. However, like all great artists, he is not without flaws. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, David often finds himself lost in the tumultuous sea of self-criticism. But it's this very trait that has pushed him to continuously evolve his art.

The foundation of his artistic journey was laid at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he honed his natural talent and discovered the intricacies of oil painting and sculpture. It's also where he formed lasting friendships, especially with Samuel and Monica, who would later become pillars of support in his professional journey.

After graduation, David worked as an art teacher, sharing his knowledge and igniting passion in young minds. However, it wasn’t long before his own art beckoned him. David's big break came in his early 20s when he won a prestigious art award, catapulting him into the limelight and setting the stage for numerous national and international exhibitions.

His relationship with Isabella, a fellow artist, has been a constant source of inspiration. Together, they explore the world and its myriad cultures, often reflecting their experiences in their respective artworks. David’s mentor, the renowned Prompt Artist Tubalben, has been another guiding light, steering him through the complex maze of the art world.

David’s artistic style is a mirror to his personality and beliefs. A proud liberal with a penchant for jazz, historical fiction, and risotto, his works often contain nuances that reflect his world view. His mild color blindness, rather than a hindrance, lends a unique touch to his creations.

While many see David as the embodiment of success, he remains grounded, attributing his achievements to his family's unwavering support, especially his art-loving parents and younger sister, Catherine. His life motto, inspired by Pablo Picasso – "Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth" – remains a testament to his journey and his art.

As autumn leaves fall, reflecting David’s favorite season, one can’t help but wonder what this brilliant artist will paint next. One thing is for sure; whatever it is, it will be from the heart, a reflection of a life lived with passion and a dream realized on canvas.

David Holland's
Main Works


Whispering Maple

A large oil painting stretching about six feet in height, it portrays a lone maple tree. Its vibrant red and orange leaves seem to dance against a muted backdrop of a setting sun. The leaves, though painted, appear almost three-dimensional, as if they could rustle with a gentle breeze. Subtle strokes of gold shimmer reflect the sun's rays, infusing the scene with a touch of ethereal magic.


Elysian Dream

A mixed media creation combining painting with tactile elements. The canvas depicts a dreamlike landscape where the sky and the sea merge. Silhouettes of children fly with wings made of actual feathers, while real sand is sprinkled at the canvas's base. The color palette is dominated by dusky purples, twilight blues, and hints of pearlescent white, evoking a feeling of otherworldly tranquility.


Heart of the Metropolis

This piece is a juxtaposition of chaos and beauty. On a sprawling canvas, a bustling city is captured in the throes of evening rush hour. Hues of neon intermingle with shadows, while actual pieces of metal and glass are incorporated into the artwork, giving it a multi-layered, tactile appearance. Amid the urban chaos, a child's innocent face peers out, painted in monochrome, symbolizing hope and purity.


Touch of Midas

An exquisite sculpture made of bronze and gold leaf. A hand, life-sized and incredibly detailed, reaches out from a marble base. Each finger is delicately poised, as if about to pluck a string or touch a beloved's face. The fingertips are coated with gold leaf, suggesting that anything they touch would turn to gold, reminiscent of the tale of King Midas.


Temporal Echoes

A large circular canvas captures a kaleidoscope of eras. At its center, there's a mirror-like surface, and as the viewer's gaze moves outward, there are concentric rings, each representing a different era in history. From the chariots of ancient Rome to the futuristic skyline of a city yet imagined, the painting plays with the concept of time, memories, and the cyclical nature of existence.

Each of these works showcases David Holland's ability to blend traditional techniques with innovative ideas, creating visual masterpieces that resonate deeply with viewers.

Exhibitions of
David Holland

Each exhibition, unique in its essence, offers a glimpse into David Holland's evolving journey as a pioneering visual artist.

"Whispers of the Wind" at the Chicago Art Center (2010)

A solo exhibition capturing the ephemeral beauty of nature, especially the serenity of autumn.

"Inception: The Birth of Ideas" at the New York Modern Art Museum (2012)

A group exhibition where David's pieces stood out for their dreamlike quality, exploring the birthplace of creativity.

"Renaissance Reverie" in the Louvre, Paris (2014)

David’s tribute to the Renaissance era, reimagined in his signature style, blending the old with the contemporary.

"Colors Beyond Sight" at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (2015)

A bold venture where David confronted his color blindness, using it as an asset rather than a limitation.

"Tactile Tales" in Rome's Galleria Nazionale (2017)

An interactive experience where visitors were encouraged to touch and feel the textures of David's sculptures, bridging the gap between the artist and the audience.

"Dancing Shadows" at London’s Tate Modern (2018)

A unique blend of visual art and performance, where David's pieces were complimented by shadow play and interpretative dances.

"Ethereal Landscapes" at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra (2019)

A breathtaking series portraying nature's vastness, from desolate deserts to verdant forests, capturing the spiritual connection between humans and the Earth.

"Pulse: The Beat of Urban Life" at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2021)

A vivid portrayal of bustling cities and the myriad emotions they encapsulate, showcasing the contrasting chaos and beauty of urban life.

"Resonance" at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona (2022)

David's latest group exhibition, focusing on the resonance of memories and the imprints they leave behind, visually presented through a blend of mediums and techniques.